Welcome to Rocky Faith

Pastor David’s blog for Faith Baptist Church, Rockingham

This is the first blog of Faith Baptist Church, Rockingham, Western Australia, and the purpose of it is to add to the Faith of those who attend Faith Baptist Church – the Aim is that we will not have a Rocky Faith, but rather a faith that is built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ.

A faith that will not be bent with every wind of doctrine.

A faith that stands firm no matter the storms that blow and the rain that falls.

Not a faith that is rocky, but a faith that is solid like rock.

Is that enough corny cliches yet?

I hope to have a weekly post up here on our church website so that our people can see it and grow by it – and of course since it will be public, we might reach further into our own community, and maybe even help others in further fields to find the Lord.


Pastor Dave

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