Live Stream

******* PLEASE NOTE*******

Under the current restrictions we are permitted to host up to 60 people in our building (2sqm rule). This is about our normal Sunday morning attendance. As a result we are holding…..

fully public services

at Faith Baptist Church

… because 60 is about it for us anyway. We will have overflow facilities available if we do have more than 60 attend.

We would LOVE to see you this Sunday!


During this time of enforced isolation, and due specifically to the directives of the Government, our church services are now fully on line, and can be found at the following link:

Live Stream

The normal service times are in place, 10:15am each Sunday Morning, 6pm each Sunday Night.


The livestream is public at this link, and you don’t need to be a Facebook Member, although it will ask you to sign in. You can apparently ignore that and watch the video.

And as always, if your own church is livestreaming, you need to be faithful to your own church first of all. It does no one any good to hop all over the place listening to all sorts of preachers just because you can.

And finally, beware of false teachers – there are plenty of people who were streaming and posting their preaching on line before this all started, and many of them are not biblical. The big false teachers we all know about – the health and wealth, prosperity preachers, the rock and roll new age preachers, the tongues and miracles preachers – these guys (and girls!!!) we all know about. But there are also many preachers who try to present as conservative and Bible believing, but are not. They can be hard to spot, because much of what they say sounds good, but once you dig deeper into their teaching you find they stray from the Word of God. Test every preacher – including this one – against the Bible.




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