Sunday School

Learning at the right level

Childhood Church Stock PhotosAdults and children have different learning needs, its a fact and one that we recognise. We run Sunday School classes during the Sunday morning service because we believe in having Bible based teaching that is appropriate for the audience.

Even within the Sunday School rooms we run different classes for different age groups. We have a crèche for toddlers and another group for older children. We believe that this gives children the best opportunity to learn about God, from the Bible, while also providing parents an interruption free time of learning.

The Sunday School teachers use a range of techniques to suit the various learning styles of different children. This includes providing children with hands-on opportunities to reinforce learning through craft activities, as well as time for lessons on Bible history and prayer.

While teaching children about God is the primary goal of Sunday School, we also try to have fun. Children learn best in an environment where they are comfortable and part of that means making the learning enjoyable. We incorporate singing and games into the learning to keep the children engaged and make it easier for them to learn.

We also believe that the safety of your children is important so we have a dedicated helper with every teacher to ensure that every child is looked after.

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