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About Faith Baptist Church in The bible can provide direction in your life.Rockingham, Western Australia

At Faith Baptist Church in Rockingham you will find Bible preaching, good fellowship and enjoyable singing.

This world is so full of mixed messages about life, living and faith.

The Bible is plain about who God is and what His plan is.

At Faith Baptist Church you will not hear the opinions of men or the “interpretations” of men but the Word of God, explained simply and clearly. We believe that the Bible is easy to understand and if you read it for yourself you will be able to find out all you need to know.

The Bible has the answers to the troubles of this world.

Through your own study of the Bible you can find out how to make your marriage work, how to raise your children well, how to control your temper, how to have better relationships with the people around you, how to find real peace and how to control your mind without resorting to drugs and alcohol (which don’t solve problems – these things only mask them).

We, of course, will help you to learn these things through the preaching, through one on one discussions and through special courses which we present periodically.

But more important than any of these things (as important as they are), Faith Baptist Church will be able to show you God’s plan for your life from God’s Word.

And ultimately that plan is about your eternal destiny. The Bible is ALL about the sinfulness of man and the salvation that God has offered freely to all who will call upon Him through Jesus Christ.

If you want to know more about this free gift of salvation, then click here or come along to visit us one Sunday. Otherwise you can read our statement of faith to find out more about what we believe.

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