Live streaming for isolation due to Covid-19

For the duration of the meeting restrictions due to Covid-19, Faith Baptist Church will be providing public access to our livestream and video recording. We are doing this because not all of our members have access to our normal digital provision of services through Facebook.

After trying many different options I have found that Facebook live simply works for us, but to allow access to those who are non-facebook, we must make our normal page public.

I hope this link works:

http://live stream link

Otherwise you can search faith Baptist Church, Rockingham on facebook.

You do not have to be a Facebook member to view this page.

This is how we are running things for the foreseeable future, but we are looking forward to holding public open services at our building as soon as the authorities say it is safe.

Until that time, find the page and bookmark it, and get there each Sunday morning at 10 – 10:15, each Sunday evening at 7pm, and each Wednesday night from about 6pm when I will have a pre-recorded devotion for you and your family to watch, and then take some time to pray.

As this is currently public I would finally ask that everyone go to your own church’s webpage/livestream before you go searching out others. Remember that God has put you in a particular church – be loyal to the church that God has placed you in.

Pastor Dave

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